WeekDatesTopicsEvents & Notes
11/13 Introduction & Overview
The Story of Computer Graphics (video)
21/ 20Elements of CGI
Math Review: Points, Vectors, & Matrices
January 21
Last day of Add/Drop period
31/27 2D Graphics Pipeline
Implementing Graphics Primitives: lines & circles
42/3Polygon Filling
2D Viewing and Transformations
52/10 2D Viewing and Transformations
2D Clipping
62/17Midterm Project Overview
Introduction to Shader-Based OpenGL
72/24Basic Geometric Modeling & Tessellation
Advanced Geometrical Modeling
83/23D Graphics Pipeline
3D Transformation
3D Viewing
Break3/9March 8-15
Spring Break - University open
93/16Illumination & Material Properties
Surface Rendering Methods
March 16
Day, evening, and online classes resume
103/23OpenGL Shading Language
113/30Texture Mapping
124/6Light and Color
Color Perception
134/13Hidden Surface Removal
Procedural Computer Graphics
Global Illumination
154/27 - last day of classesPreview of other courses in CS Graphics Cluster & Computer Graphics Research areas
Final review & The Pixar Story (video)
Final Project
Final ExamsApril 29,30, May 1,4,5,6